Thought Chambers. Twin Mirror Review

A thrilling plot thriller. Spoiler-free review. Logo. The game has been being announced for the following platforms like PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One. THE PLOT . The plot is basically the foundation of game. Briefly and without spoilers, an individual with a special intellect returns to an isolated American mining town from which it was a shock departure 2 years back. The brief trip transforms into a series of confusing, tense events that lead the protagonist caught up in a whirlwind of memories, and the chance to make a difference in his life. The road. Gameplay The game is a narrative-driven adventure. Our protagonist turns out to be much more than an ordinary guy, but capable of summoning a specific state that allows him to enter the thought-of as mental chambers and is accompanied by an invisible companion who occasionally offers sensible tips. It appears - here we begin)

The game plays out in a way that is not obvious and yet, it is a constant source of fascination. Within a short time, the principal characters could be described as old friends, and I felt the need to learn more about the story. What's the matter? This world is divided into tiny, perfectly detailed places. There are a lot of things to see and the game can be a bit of sucking, sticky it is possible to trudge through a rack of photographs for 10 minutes exploring and taking in the ambience. I was particularly impressed by the music and the sound that evokes this American outback. The characters are impressively done. The characters aren't very well-developed but their explanations are good (if you can find any gaps). The diary documents the progression and progress of the tale, the memories of the past, and goals for the future. This isn't a comprehensive list. The plot is masterfully executed (except in a few instances which are discussed below) You have to play around with the script in order to figure out your place in the world. The dialogue answers influence the conclusion and relationship with the other characters. The dialogues are extremely dynamic. The special strength of the character is that at key moments in the story, he can sort of turn on the mind's inheritance (supercomputer/nadmose) in his head and simulate different situations in order to find the truth. Similar to the brain dumps from Cyberpunk 2077. I almost forgot to mention that here is the chance to play Pac-Man in the bar. at the bar.

Even got an "Achievement" for defeating it.) A little bit about the SAD. It would be fine If there weren't any irritating flaws in the dialogue and plot. For instance, my boyfriend visits the shop to the generous grandmother. The grandmother, in a joke, offers him assistance. I consider the possibilities to get an answer. I select a seemingly ordinary funny. The hero then wowed the woman with a bizarre quip that doesn't follow from the original line completely. The grandmother is irritated and then at the next question/answer, she behaves as if nothing been said. The situation is obvious and occurs every once in a chapter. It's fine here however. In the conclusion, there's an end to a series of unlogical decisions and words, and I personally didn't know how to respond in order to achieve what I'm looking for. The ending was also very hazy. They did not provide any information about the consequences of their decisions that were made on this world. or what transpired to the hero afterward and what happened to the characters that I became friends with by the end. Take a look at the positives and negatives of the game, and sum up. The game has great graphics. Great music and the sound effects. It recreated the ambience that is typical of the American countryside beautifully. The characters are well-known and we have a hero. Small, but well-developed locales. + Excellent storyline. Excellent Russian translation of the text.

What's possible to be both a Plus AND A MINUS It's a lovely short story. It can be read in around six hours, if you put your nose all over the place. Personally, I was able to get through in the evening that slowly turned into three by the time I woke up. On one side, it's quite too short, but on other hand, a solid, streamlined experience was had. MINUSES: - Sometimes baffling dialogues. Some snags in the final portion in the final game. Conclusions . Although there are a few flaws within this game's design, its basic content (graphics music, stories and atmosphere, as well as the development of the location right down to the last point) is executed perfectly. The sensation of aftertaste - like watching an excellent film. It's an achievement (around the light and green). PS: It's possible that I did not cover all aspects, and could have missed some aspect. I'll be glad to update or correct the review, or answer any questions as we go by posting comments.


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I heard about the game fairly recently. Some gaming news reported that a new game developed by the makers of PUBG is in development however it's not Battle Royale, but the top-down shooter. The last sentence couldn't make me feel any less interested as it is something that I love is a lot. Of course, not shooters however, but a

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