Thunder Tier One - First Look

I heard about the game fairly recently. Some gaming news reported that a new game developed by the makers of PUBG is in development however it's not Battle Royale, but the top-down shooter. The last sentence couldn't make me feel any less interested as it is something that I love is a lot. Of course, not shooters however, but a top-down isometric perspective. And I enjoyed the images taken in the news. The only thing I disliked about the show was that the content was focused on online shooters. And I'm not always able to find the enough time to play that.

On the other side, an opposite of the other that online games in-session shouldn't take a long time, and you should be able to stop the game anytime however, in contrast it is when you have some time to play once every three or four weeks, it's strange to devote playing to please other players. While online games are fun to play I like unhurried single-player game sessions. It's a lot of fun, I'd like to add. Then there are the developers, who have eaten their own a$$ off of on one of the more popular online games. It's safe to believe them because they know the game inside out, but this is a totally different style as compared to the PUBG! In general, at the moment, we had to wait, particularly since that release day was rather small. Then the game was released. I did not purchase the game because I've already experienced the thrill of earlier purchases - with it's announcement, it was awesome, but actually it was not a very exciting game. On the other hand, there was a pirated version of the game on torrents. That's the game I downloaded to learn more about. In the end, I discovered that certain features of pirate didn't work however, playing it in the test mode was feasible. I was mostly focused on a single playthrough which is why online features were not something I've yet tried. There's another aspect. The game permits only one playthrough, and also cooperative play, according to my understanding as much as four players. I did not contact anyone and completed some single-missions on my own. While the game is single-player affair, you are able to complete the missions you perform as a team consisting of four soldiers. The fighters you choose aren't available (or I am not sure the procedure) however, they can be outfitted. In this, too, there is a lot I don't understand is that you are able to select the weapons and equipment and change the color of the clothing or alter the appearance of the soldier however, how they allocate the money I don't understand.

It states in the bottom right corner that I could spend 24 points, however I didn't realize where the calculator calculates everything. When you complete the tasks, you kind of gain experience, however, what this means also, I do not know. The 24th area of your screen doesn't change, and the experience gets better but nothing changes there are no new items of weapons or equipment are available. I've not gained many hours of gameplay (this is me talking about the bought version) however, something is definitely noticeable! It's as odd and as you would expect. However, I enjoyed the game's gameplay! The game isn't just shooting but a tactical shooter and in real-time, you need to manage not only one of your soldiers, but the other members of the team. At first , it wasn't easy to figure out what needs to be accomplished (training to lead the team in an unofficial version that I didn't pass regardless of whether it was an issue, or I didn't take note of the number) however, on the license, once training was complete and everything was in place. Management squad is actually seems to be a breeze, since it's tied to a button and doesn't have complex menus - as long as you are not running as fast as you can, it will take just a few minutes. It is recommended to pay attention to the instruction prior to stepping into the mission. provide soldiers with the appropriate equipment for the specific situation. In open spaces, you can carry the sniper rifle, however in tight spaces, it is more effective are submachine guns and silencers aren't useless missionaries often have to be conducted in a stealth manner as the enemy might send reinforcements, and in the end, they'll take your target and the effort will then be will be in vain. There is no way to save yourself - take your time and finish the mission from beginning to end or else be dead. However, there is a important aspect that controls points. If you quit the game, in violation of the mission, you can re-enter the game at this crucial point but only once after victory or failure the point of entry disappears. There are a variety of choices for completing the game - should you decide to go in on your own with the rest of the group on the respawn, or if you prefer to go off in peace or even by yourself or with a group of friends or with a group of friends, you can crush your opponent with methods, almost like taking over the entire four. The other thing I did not dislike was the rebirth of dead soldiers.

In other words, if the soldier (the one is controlled by the AI manages) in the course of the mission is killed and is resurrected by the following mission the soldier is healthy and strong and full of energy even if you have not brought him into the exit point (which could happen). The reason why this happens is not clear, but during the mission, the fighters will not be protected in the event that you don't require the advantage of numbers in the moment. In addition, you can make use of drones to fly without being noticed over the positions of enemies and determine the location of patrols, where the roadblocks are and even where ambushes are. This is an extremely useful featureas there isn't a map. It's the same with ammunition. It's the same with ammunition but in reverse in the battlefield, you could pillage, which is to go through bodies to replenish their stock of grenades and ammunition. Also, you can choose another weapon you can take. However, you are able to utilize it only on the same way and from the battlefield, you cannot take anything out! What is the reason for doing it this in this way? It is logical to not walk through the bodies makes no sense. Usually, the squad is equipped with sufficient ammunition and grenades for the local war and the weapons are loaded up precisely as you need. It's a the loot is an ineffective exercise ... and perhaps not dopilnaya in the sense of logical thinking. The game, however, is I'll repeat it, enjoyable! I enjoyed the gameplay - the atmosphere is alive and beautiful, and the enemies naturally, slender usually get past sometimes, but not always. Locations , though not a lot but they are beautifully drawn and the game's environment is dynamic Something falls or rolls, and things cover. All this only one game! I played multiplayer, it was important to know how it was played. It's all I can say? It was enjoyable, and in theory I'm thinking I'll investigate it further. However, there's an element of truth here but it's associated with me. It was a month ago that my ulnar nerve on my left hand was squeezed, and my fingers that are on it are numb, and pressing keys using the fingers to put it in a mild way is not a great idea. However, that's not the issue. how about shooting online?

The reader might inquire. And I'll reply: It's funny! I took part in the deathmatch where all of us took outbecause I ran restricted to the ships decks and I was able to get in with an Sniper. We tried the mode, in which you first had to stop the balloon from going off before you could, in turn and then launch the balloon. 10-rounds of running through the wreckage and shooting from the cover, which went very quickly and was quite enjoyable. Based on all this, I'm able to affirm that this game ended up being to be rather enjoyable. It's not an absolute masterpiece but it was fun! If the designers decide to test to make it better I'm sure it will be able to take the lead in the top-down shooters. This is only the first glimpse at it, and I could be in the wrong place. Some mechanics aren't yet figured out and there's no way to describe how it appeared to me. 


Thunder Tier One - First Look

I heard about the game fairly recently. Some gaming news reported that a new game developed by the makers of PUBG is in development however it's not Battle Royale, but the top-down shooter. The last sentence couldn't make me feel any less interested as it is something that I love is a lot. Of course, not shooters however, but a

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